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ABM Global Solutions (AGS)

.Net & Web Developer

October 2015 – June 2016 (ABM Clients)

  • Vibal Group of Compoanies Inc.

    • Was tasked to improve and maintain the data integration performance of client’s console applications that integrate data from middleware to SAP Business One and Vice versa.
    • Client’s console application and web api are VibalAxToMidWebAPI, VibalAXToSAPPosting, VibalSAPtoAXPosting, VibalVesToMidWebAPI, VibalVesToSapPosting, VibalWebUtility.
    • The documents and transactions that must integrate from middleware to SAP Business One are Item Master, Business Partner, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Good Receipt, Good Returns, Sales Deliveries, Sales Return, Inventory Goods Issue, Inventory Good Receipt, Inventory Transfers.
  • San Roque Power Corporation

    • Developed console application which is “Moving Average” that will recompute the moving average of the documents such as Good Receipt, GR Purchase Order, AP Debit Memo, Good Receipt, Inventory Revaluation, Inventory Landed Cost base on Posting Date instead of Document Date.
    • Developed of Crystal Report such as Income Statement, Lapsing and Moving Average Report.
  • ABM Internal application: HCMBiometricConverter

    • Developed application that will integrate data from Biometric to SAP Business One for payroll of employees.
  • Support and Fixed some errors of existing applications of Metrobank(CheckDisbursement, CheckerWriter), Julie’s BakeShop (BankUtility) and Nanox Philippines (ERP Integration).

November 2011 – February 20, 2013

  • Developed & Maintaining ERP Application & Web Program of the Company’s Customer such as Work Request (Nikko Metals), System of Mariwasa, Head Office & Store System (Finds Convenience Store).
  • Developed & Maintaining ERP Application & Web Program (Internal) such as SCOUT (Time In/Time Out of Laptop), Room Reservation System & Integration to SAP B1 application.